Woodpeak embraces nature and respects the environment. This collection embodies our philosophy by maximizing the use of raw materials by slicing it into very thin slices instead of using thick lumber boards where most of the wood is not used to its full extent. The ultimate flooring solution for high traffic areas.

A: 580MM  B: 145MM

A: 290MM  B: 290MM

A: 290MM  B: 290MM

LockSTP is an innovative glueless flooring system.
Precision interlocking joints provide perfect grip and endurance, all without the use of adhesives.

Norm Norm Vaule  STP Value
Overall thickness   9.8mm
Finish Traffic Brushed  
Support  HDF-E1 Waterproof
Installation Floating without glue or glued down
Level of Use EN685 Domestic – 23
Commercial – 32
CE Certification  EN1432 EN1432:2006 + A1
Warranty 5 years
Moisture Content EN322 4% – 11% 6%
Thickness of the top layer EN14354 0.6mm
Deviation of thickness EN14354 ≤0.5mm
Flatness Deviation EN324-2 1.5mm/m
Internal Bond EN319 >1.5 N/mm2
Density EN323 900kg/m3
Weight/sqm 8.5kg/m2
Thickness distention EN317 < 18% < 12%
Resistance to abrasion EN14354 ANNEX D ≥ 4000 Revolutions 5000 revolutions
Impact resistance EN14354 ANNEX C > 1200 (EC2) EC2
Gloss 15%
Castor Chair Resistance  EN425  NO VISIBLE CHANGE
Resistance to Burning Cigarette  EN438-2/2005  CLASS 3
Underfloor Heating/cooling  OK
Thermal Conduction  EN12524  0.17 W/mK
Antistatic Performance  EN1815  < 2Kv  < 2Kv
Biological Durability  EN335-1/ EN335-2  PURE WOOD
Formaldehyde emission  EN717-2:95  E1  E1 (< 3.5mg/m2h)
Fire reaction and smoke generation  EN13501  Class B fl – S1
Skid Resistance  EN13893  DS
Country of Origin/ Manufacturer  Spain/ STP

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