Wooden floor and wall material, which incorporates the best innovative technology LOCKSTP, which together with a careful selection of the best raw materials offers a luxurious and exclusive parquet. A different perception, more modern of a floor which never loses the beauty of wood. W + is a unique and high quality material.

A: 251MM  B: 290MM

LockSTP is an innovative glueless flooring system.
Precision interlocking joints provide perfect grip and endurance, all without the use of adhesives.

Norm Norm Vaule STP Value
Overall thickness 15mm (12+3)/16mm (12+4)
Panel construction
Product Three layers pavement and coating
Support 9 alternating layers of FSC engineered plywood
Installation Floating (without glue) or glued down
Technology Lock STP
Level of Use EN685 Classic Traditional Lux Class 31
Traffic Class 32
Abrasion resistance EN14354 Anexo D WR2 IP> 5000 Classic/Traditional/Lux (WR2IP = 5000)
WRS3 IP > 7000 Traffic WR3 IP = 9000
Impact Resistance EN14354 Anexo C EC2 > 1200 mm EC2
Formaldehyde emission EN717- 2:95 E1 E1
Biological Durability EN335-1 y 2 Clase 1
Reaction to fire EN 13501 Class Cfl – S1
Skid Resistance EN 13893 Clase DS
Thermal Conductivity EN 12524 0.17W/mk
Breaking Strength (Maximum Load) PND
CE Certificate EN 1432: 2006 Sl Sl
Density 706 (26) kg/m3
Dimensional Stability EN 1910 blue ink Paralelo – Parallelo – Paral. 0.13mm Perpend – Perpendicolare – Perp. 0.66mm
Moisture Content 9.90 (0.74) %
Country of Origin/ Manufacturer Spain/ STP
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