Natural wood that’s beautiful and durable, without the problems of other hardwoods.


Classification EZ•DECK
Length 300mm
Width 300mm
Thickness 30mm
Weight +/-1.5kg per pc
Warranty 1 year’ warranty against delamination & termites infestation


Classification Method  EZ•DECK
Density ASTM D143-94 2000 (Sec. 19) 820kg/m³
Elasticity JAS 2009 FOR LVL (Art. 4) 1 000.45 kgf/mm²
Hardness ASTM D1037 1 800lbs
Compression EN 16511 Class 21-22-23 / 31-32
Radial & Tangential Shrinkage ASTM D143-94 2000 (Sec. 20) DOP: QVEC 0502
Breaking Point (MOR) JAS 2008 FOR LVL (Art. 4)
Scratch Test JAS for Flooring Abrasion Test A 100% pass
Durability Test ENV 12038 (Sec. 10.1) Fully resistant
Nail Holding JIS Z 2102 185.65kg
Fire Resistance CSFM 12-7A-4A Passed
Delamination Test JAS 2008 FOR LVL (Art. 4) 100% pass
Anti-Termite JIS K 1571 2004 Passed


Classification Method  EZ•DECK
Formaldehyde Emission ASTM E1333-96 0.02ppm
Emission of toxic compounds Fraunhofer Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut (WKI) Low



Preserving your wood’s beautiful appearance requires regular maintenance such as cleaning and recoating periodically to protect the wood against damages caused by weather conditions.

Daily cleaning:
–         Swipe dust and dirt off with a broom
–         After rain, wipe off the moisture, preferably by using a wiper

Cleaning heavy dirt:
–         Rinse your deck with water first
–         Apply a floor cleaner for wood decking with a brush, then scrub the surface
–         Rinse the cleaner off thoroughly


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