Natural-looking replacement for natural grass in gardens:

  • Easier and lower maintenance costs (no watering and mowing!)
  • Drains better than real grass
  • Always ready for play

For use on balconies and indoors:

  • Lets you bring Nature into your home
  • Creates a friendly and relaxing ambiance
Classification zSNAP.TURF
Yarn Length 35mm
Stitch Rate 26 per 10cm
Backing 26 Ounces of Double Layer Latex Backing
Colour Choices Natural Green
Draincell 20mm thick
UV Protector Best UV Protection
Grey Scale Score "4-5"
Designed for Strong Sunlight Area
Health Protector Heavy Metal Free
No Concern of hazardous Substances
RoHS Certified
Warranty Residential 5 Years Warranty (Warranty Against Discolouration & UV Degradation)
Country of Origin/ Manufacture China


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