Woodpeak embraces nature and respects the environment. This collection embodies our philosophy by maximizing the use of raw materials by slicing it into very thin slices instead of using thick lumber boards where most of the wood is not used to its full extent. The ultimate flooring solution for high traffic areas.

A: 580MM  B: 145MM

A: 290MM  B: 290MM

A: 290MM  B: 290MM

Classification Palazzo
Dimensions (L x W) 182 x 19 cm
Thickness 14 mm
Finishing Matt or Oiled
Tongue & groove Uniclic (length & width)
Packaging 2.0750m² /pack
CE Level 4 (EN 14342: 2008-09)
Warranty 33 yrs (residential)
Lifetime Uniclic warranty
Lifetime workmanship warranty
Country of Origin/ Manufacture Malaysia
Classification Method Palazzo
General aspect of
installed flooring
EN 13489
-Lipping – difference in height
-Difference in width
-Cupping lengthwise
-Cupping in width
UV oiled finish 2 layers
UV cured varnish Anti-scratch top coat 5 to 7 layers
Wear resistance SIS 923509
DIN 68861
Scratch resistance Anti-scratch top coat with nanotechnology
Stain resistance EN 13442
-All except blue ink
-Blue ink

Class 5
Class 3
Dimensional stability ISO 24339 (changes 30-85% RH)
-Cupping short side maxi %
-Cupping short side mini %
-Open joints short side (mm)
-Open joints long side (mm)

Slip resistance CEN/TS 15676: 2008 USRV 48-52
Heat resistance EN 12664: 2001 0.14 m2.°K/W
Reaction to fire EN 14501-1 Dfl – s1
Classification Palazzo
PEFC PEFC/07-32-37
U-zeichen Z.156.606-898
Formaldehyde emission Class E1 (EN 717-1)
PCP Below detection limit
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