Extra-long and wide planks. Embossed textures that match varied printed wood grain patterns. Genuine-looking wood floors for a lifetime.


Extra long and extra wide planks that match up perfectly in printed design and embossed structure. For the ultimate in luxury and authenticity.

Dimensions (L x W) 1510 x 210 mm
Number of plank per box 7
Area per box 23.896 sqft
Weight per box 17.2 kg
Total thickness ISO24346 4.5 mm
Finishing Scratch Guard & Stain Guard
Tongue & groove     Uniclic Multifit
Usage class EN16511   Class 32
CE EN14041   DOP: QVEC 0503 – QVE 0502
Product warranty   Residential 20 years
Workmanship warranty   Residential Lifetime
Country of Origin/ Manufacture   Belgium
Wear resistance EN13329 > 1200 cycles > 2400 cycles
Impact resistance EN13329 > 1200 mm > 1800 mm
Scratch resistance EN16094 < MSR-A3 MSR-A1
Castor chairs EN425 > 25000 cycles No delamination & disturbance after OK
Displacement of furniture feet EN424 Foot 0.1 mm / 32 kg No visible damage
Residual indentation EN ISO24342-1 <0.1mm 0.05mm
Resistance against staining EN438-2 Acetone – Coffee – NaOH – H2O2 – Shoe Polish grade 5 No change
Swelling ISO24336   <18% no swelling
Locking strength ISO 24334 Fmax long side > 1.0 kN/m 2.0 kN/m
Fmax short side > 1.5 kN/m 2.5 kN/m
Dimensional stability ISO23999 6 hrs at 80 °C <0.25% shrinkage <0.05%
expansion <0.10%
<1mm cupping <1mm
Fire classification EN 13501-1     Bfl – s1
UV resistance ISO105 B02 Blue reference Class >6 Class 8
Slip resistance EN13893 DS
DIN51130 / XP P05-011 With Shoes All structures R9 / PC6
DIN51097 / XP P05-011 Barefoot Depending on structure Class A / PN12
Class B / PN18
ENV12633 USRV Class 1
Thermal resistance EN 12667 With underlay 0.044m² K/W
Without uderlay 0.015 m² K/W
Impact sound reduction ISO 712/2 With underlay ∆Lw=16 dB
Without underlay ∆Lw=2 dB


Ü-sign Germany Z-156.603-1573
Floor Score SCS at USA SCS-FS-03981
AFFSET France A+
Finish building emission Finland (M1: Very low emission & odourless) Class M1
Formaldehyde emission EN 14041 No added formaldehyde in production <detection limit
TVOC after 28 days < 1000 µg/m³ < 20 µg/m³
Content Heavy metals + lead/cadmium Not present

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Sound Reducing Underlay

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Maintenance for your floors

It is recommended you use dedicated Quick-Step cleaning products to maintain your floors as other products may be too strong and could harm your flooring. Learn more.