Our widest range of true-to-life wood designs and colours. All for your every interior design dream.


Combining the natural look and feel of wood with all the practical benefits of vinyl tiles.

Dimensions (L x W) 1251 x 187 mm
Number of plank per box 9
Area per box 22.657 sqft
Weight per box 16.8 kg
Total thickness ISO24346 4.5 mm
Finishing Scratch Guard & Stain Guard
Tongue & groove     Uniclic Multifit
Usage class EN16511   Class 32
CE EN14041   DOP: QVE 0503-QVEC 0502
Product warranty   Residential 20 years
Workmanship warranty   Residential Lifetime
Country of Origin/ Manufacture   Belgium


Wear resistance EN13329 > 1200 cycles > 2400 cycles
Impact resistance EN13329 > 1200 mm > 1800 mm
Scratch resistance EN16094 < MSR-A3 MSR-A1
Castor chairs EN425 > 25000 cycles No delamination & disturbance after OK
Displacement of furniture feet EN424 Foot 0.1 mm / 32 kg No visible damage
Residual indentation EN ISO24342-1 <0.1mm 0.05mm
Resistance against staining EN438-2 Acetone – Coffee – NaOH – H2O2 – Shoe Polish grade 5 No change
Swelling ISO24336   <18% no swelling
Locking strength ISO 24334 Fmax long side > 1.0 kN/m 2.0 kN/m
Fmax short side > 1.5 kN/m 2.5 kN/m
Dimensional stability ISO23999 6 hrs at 80 °C <0.25% shrinkage <0.05%
expansion <0.10%
<1mm cupping <1mm
Fire classification EN 13501-1     Bfl – s1
UV resistance ISO105 B02 Blue reference Class >6 Class 8
Slip resistance EN13893 DS
DIN51130 / XP P05-011 With Shoes All structures R9 / PC6
DIN51097 / XP P05-011 Barefoot Depending on structure Class A / PN12
Class B / PN18
ENV12633 USRV Class 1
Thermal resistance EN 12667 With underlay 0.044m² K/W
Without uderlay 0.015 m² K/W
Impact sound reduction ISO 712/2 With underlay ∆Lw=16 dB
Without underlay ∆Lw=2 dB


Ü-sign Germany Z-156.603-1573
Floor Score SCS at USA SCS-FS-03981
AFFSET France A+
Finish building emission Finland (M1: Very low emission & odourless) Class M1
Formaldehyde emission EN 14041 No added formaldehyde in production <detection limit
TVOC after 28 days < 1000 µg/m³ < 20 µg/m³
Content Heavy metals + lead/cadmium Not present

At Floor Xpert, we don’t just offer you products, we offer total solution at your convenience. Covering from floors, to skirting boards, sound reducing underlay and maintenance products, we have it all.

ClipSK skirting for all floors, all designs

Comes in 19 lovely colours
Installed with Clipping System
No more ugly nail holes
Easy installation, easy removal and easy replacement
100% waterproof



Sound Reducing Underlay

To create a level base for your floor, and give you excellent acoustic insulation.




Maintenance for your floors

It is recommended you use dedicated Quick-Step cleaning products to maintain your floors as other products may be too strong and could harm your flooring. Learn more.

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