Decking that is made of IPE wood. IPE is a hardwood from Brazilian rainforests that has received lots of attention in the past couple of decades. It is popular for its durability and beauty as a warm, nice hardwood. Arguably the best wood decking with two patented innovations!

z.SNAP.DECK(WOOD) Unique 2 Patented Innovations:

#1 The Patented Invisible Profile gives decking a superior visual impression by offering an almost sealed surface. This profile has been designed to prevent loss of valuable objects as well as accumulation of dirt, leaves etc. under the decking.

#2 The Advanced Mechanical Locking System is the future of decking, its patented design allows a secure, screw-free deck surface. With a simple topside installation, it offers superior grip which holds the board stronger than a screw but yet flexible for easy installation & removal.


General Specification
Classification zSNAP.DECK
Size 145mm x 22mm x 2700mm
Total Thickness ±1mm
Country of Origin China
Warranty 10yrs warranty against splits/ splinter/ rot/ decay/ termites attack and fungal
Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
Technical Data
Test Condition Temp.25 °C ± -2°C & Humi 50% ± -5%
Density 1.35g/cm3
Hardness 78
Loading Capacity 4500N/459KGS (with30cm span)
Impact Resistance 22.8J/M
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 1.14 x 10-5m/m. °C
Tensile Properties 22.5Mpa
Flexural Properties 38.2Mpa
Slip Resistance α16.4° R10
Scratch Resistance 20N
Water Absorption after 24 Hours in Wat 0-0.2%
Weathering Test after 2000 hours △<2
RoHS Requirement Pass
Formaldehyde 0

It can last more than 25 years outdoors.

Eco-friendly; 100 percent natural wood

Mold, fire, weather, and pest-resistant

Resists surface scratches

Three times harder than cedar

One of the densest hardwoods, it sinks in water.

Same fire rating as steel and concrete, making it a more fire-resistant choice than softwoods.

High concentrations of tannic acid, which makes it resistant to rot, insects, and fungi.

Looks good just about anywhere outdoors.

While WPC decking do not require any special maintenance treatment, they do need to be cleaned from time to time, usually with fresh water and a broom brush, or with a diluted bleach solution. Do not use oils, stains or paints.

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