What is Heveatech made of?

Heveatech is 100% made from natural wood from the Hevea Brasiliensis (Rubber Tree), grown mainly in Southeast Asia via community farming. This species is planted for rubber tapping and at the end of its 25-30 years’ lifespan, these trees are felled and the logs, considered as ‘waste’, are incinerated.

Heveatech utilizes this ‘waste’ and transforms it into high quality wood products using our revolutionary engineering and enhanced impregnation technology.

Our layer-by-layer treatment increases the density of the wood and prevents water absorption, ensuring the wood is thoroughly structurally uniform. Not only does this contribute to the durability and performance of our wood products, it enables Heveatech to be resistant to insects, termites, and tough weather conditions.


Why is Heveatech different from solid wood?

Heveatech is manufactured using our revolutionary impregnation technology to ensure durability and stability. Solid wood may be derived from young trees that are susceptible to insect attacks, crack and wrap. In addition, the Moisture Content (MC) in solid wood may be uneven, causing structural instability.

If Heveatech is made only from rubber wood, then why is it expensive?

Heveatech is not expensive but instead gives you Great Value for Money and Return on Investment. Not only do the enhanced features of the wood product – including increased density and stability, resistance to termites, etc. – surpass that of conventional rubber wood and other hardwoods, the durability of Heveatech ensures a longer product lifespan, letting you enjoy your natural outdoor wood floor decking for many more years without any need for redecking.

Furthermore, the excessive use of tropical hardwoods is destroying our jungles, causing deforestation and global warming. As a plantation wood, Heveatech is not only the best sustainable substitute, it also performs better than conventional forest wood.

Can Heveatech rubber wood really endure outdoor weather conditions?

Yes, extensive research and development has been conducted to ensure Heveatech wood maintains its performance in tough weather conditions. Heveatech wood products meet international testing standards from USA, Japan and Italy, including a more than 15-cycle delamination climate test involving:

  • Being put through a freezer (-10 degree) for 72 hours,
  • Being put through an oven ( for 80 degrees), and
  • Being boiled (up to 100 degrees) for not less than 72 hours.

And we guarantee you peace of mind with our warranty package, which is more extensive than that of other wood products.


Can Heveatech be installed on wall, ceiling and fencing?

Yes, it has been used for all these purposes. If it can withstand outdoor conditions, it can be used indoors too. Get in touch with us to see project examples and to find out more.