Why Choose Us?

Sure, you have a dozens of flooring companies to choose from, but not all flooring companies are the same. If you demand flawless workmanship, quality flooring products, and installation that completed on time, on budget and with minimum mess and disruption – then Floor Xpert is your best choice.

There are so many reasons to work with Floor Xpert, here are the top 5 of them:

  • We do the job right – guaranteed with our lifetime workmanship warranty.

We do not cut corners to win the job, to finish it on budget or to boost our profits. We use only highest-quality flooring products and we install them using our own, certified flooring specialist. This ensure that every job we do comes out right. It enables us to stand by our work with the strongest promise in the industry: If it isn’t right, we’ll fix it – right away – at our own cost.

  • We bring you the highest quality flooring products from around the world.

At Floor Xpert, we believe our customers deserve the highest quality flooring products for their home, so that they can enjoy their flooring for years to come. Yes, our profit is lower but our satisfactory comes from knowing our customers is loving the flooring we installed. And that is the best feeling in the world.

  • Fully trained and qualified installation team.

Every flooring specialist, flooring consultant and operation person at Floor Xpert has taken specific industry training for a thorough understanding of our industry. There is always highly-experienced flooring specialist on every project. That is crucial because, throughout this industry, if something is going to fail, it is far more likely due to faulty installation than to faulty flooring products.

  • We are problem-solvers with a reputation for honesty.

Floor Xpert takes a consultative, no-surprises approach to business. We don’t just install you flooring. We first meet up with you for a free onsite consultation to discover what you want in terms of design, convenience and comfort, ease of maintenance, durability and more. We will advise you if what you want cannot be done safely or properly due to location, environmental factors (such as moisture). inherent limitations on the materials, design consideration, time allows or anything else that would result in a less than completely satisfactory job.

  • When you call us, you’ll speak to a flooring consultant, not a receptionist.

No doubt you’ve had the frustrating experience of speaking to a receptionist. You want to speak to a flooring consultant that can provide you with the right advice – but all you get is a receptionist who take down your message, but there’s no guarantee anyone will call you back. This experience will never happen to you at Floor Xpert. You will get the answer you want, or speak with the person you need. All our flooring consultant with be there to answer all your questions.

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Floor Xpert specializes in all types of flooring for all your residential and commercial needs, namely:


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  • Jerry Yeo@Clementi

    [A Truly Satisfied Customer] Dearest Lena, Oh man, your team endeavoured to produce such impressive and wonderful tasks. The processes of installation up to the final touch up are all of meticulous workmanship. I am so glad that I have found a team of consummate professionals to work on my good 25 years of flooring to come. Your truly satisfied customer.

    Jerry Yeo@Clementi

  • Malissa@Jalan Bukit Merah

    I had my vinyl flooring installation in April/May last year. And after 1.5 years with my floor, I am still very much in love. It is one of the best renovation decisions I have made. Here's why:Prior to moving in, I had ceramic tiles installed. I didn't like how it looked and knowing that tiles requires daily mopping and sweeping (otherwise hair and dust will be so noticeable), I know it wouldn't work out for me.So I got Perlin the sales manager to drop by my place for a quotation. She did a detailed measurement and quoted me the price. I made some price comparison with my contractor for carpentry works and other flooring suppliers, I sway towards floor xpert as they offer me good service, lower priced (subjected to the sizes of home, type and quality of flooring u choose) and quality (5mm vinyl).

    I like the rough texture and grains of the flooring as it adds character and look of my home. It does give my floor an expensive look even my place was just moderately renovated with a tight budget of 20k. If you are on a budget and want to revamp ur place without having too heavy renovation works done, With all honesty, give vinyl flooring a try.Floor xpert delivers good workmanship. I like how my flooring have a solid feel when i walk on it (like real wood parquet). It doesn't have the floppy "floating" feel to it (like those flooring at IKEA with loud sound). So my advice is pay attention to workmanship cos you do not want to compromise on your flooring durability.As they say, leave the best thing to the end... Here's the icing on the cake! If you are a busy working mom/ wife with no helper/maid and an active toddler kid to care for, vinyl flooring with textured grains is right for u. I can go on 3-5 days with no sweeping and mopping of floor, my feet doesn't feel sticky or dusty. And my husband can attest to this. Call me lazy but vinyl collection really allows me to "skip" my sweeping and mopping of my floor...Hence, vinyl flooring is definitely for busy individuals who hv got no time for housework. And with intensive 1.5 years of us walking around the house, toddler crawling on it and had his rough toy car rides screeching and speeding on the floor, My floor is still looking as good as new.... You cannot go wrong. Or the very least, I'm a very satisfied customer and have recommended my 2 gfs who are getting their keys next year to consider vinyl flooring from floorxpert.And for the record, This is not in anyway a paid review (I wish!) nor am I getting any discount/ comm for referring my friends to get flooring. Hope my review will give insights to people who r considering renovation.Mal Mal

    Malissa@Jalan Bukit Merah

  • Jeffrey & Alice@Haron Bay

    [Highly Recommended] We are so glad we choose FloorXpert to do our New house for both our indoor Vinyl or Luxurious Resilient Flooring (LURF) and Outdoor decking or Heveatech decking. Highly recommend to everyone who is looking for professional works...

    Jeffrey & Alice@Haron Bay

  • Klive Wong@Punggol

    [Great Help] Perlin, Very pleased with the products & services provided by Floor Xpert. Superb workmanship and after-sales services are excellent. Thanks for your great help.

    Klive Wong@Punggol